Family Room—Responses to the Messiah, Part 12

The promises of God are universal, but different people value the promises differently. An example is the promises Jesus made about families. In some ways, people today might value them even more than people did in the first century. Pastor Luke teaches from Matthew 12:46–50 in “Family Room,” the concluding message in his series “Responses to the Messiah.”

Squatters—Responses to the Messiah, Part 11

Some people’s lives are in pretty good order. Other people have more chaos in their life than they want. Jesus says they have more in common than they might realize. Pastor Luke looks at Matthew 12:43–45 in “Squatters,” part 11 of his 12-part series “Responses to the Messiah.”

Sky Signs—Responses to the Messiah, Part 10

Would you like to receive a sign from God? Something to point the way forward, perhaps, or just assure you that you’re loved? Who wouldn’t want that? But Jesus said we’ve already been given that sign! Pastor Luke preaches from Matthew 12:38–42 in “Sky Signs,” the concluding message in his series “Responses to the Messiah.”

Humility—Responses to the Messiah, Part 7

Every day we make thousands of decisions. Most of them aren’t all that important. But some are. Some decisions are literally about life and death. What help does Christianity provide for people in making decisions? Pastor Luke looks at Matthew 12:14–21 in “Humility,” part 7 of his 10-part series “Responses to the Messiah.”

Have Mercy—Responses to the Messiah, Part 6

Although Pharisees come across very poorly in the New Testament, Jesus agreed in many ways with their program. The place where they disagreed the most, however, is still a concern today. In fact, it’s moved outside its original religious context out into the broader society. What is it, and how does it matter? Pastor Luke… Continue Reading →

Rest—Responses to the Messiah, Part 5

In the first century, everybody had to work hard. They wore themselves out, working from dawn to dusk because they didn’t have motors and machines. What’s our excuse today? And more importantly, what can we do about it? Pastor Luke looks at Matthew 11:25–30 in “Rest,” part 5 of his 10-part series “Responses to the Messiah.”

Regrets Only—Responses to the Messiah, Part 4

Did Jesus have bad days when he lashed out unfairly at people? So many of the stories in the New Testament show Jesus’ love for even very objectionable people. What are we supposed to make of the times when he scolds … not just people but whole cities? Pastor Luke preaches from Matthew 11:20–24 in “Regrets Only,” part… Continue Reading →

Playing Games—Responses to the Messiah, Part 3

Jesus cautioned people against complaining when things aren’t what they expect. Instead, he suggests, it is an opportunity to reevaluate what we could learn from that situation. How would we do that? Pastor Luke looks at Matthew 11:16–19 in “Playing Games,” part 3 of his 10-part series “Responses to the Messiah.”

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