Evil — Questions, Part 5

If God is all-powerful and loving, why is there so much suffering in the world? This final question in our series of challenging questions gets at the very root of belief. What does Christianity say about evil in the world? Pastor Luke teaches from Matthew 13:24–30 in “Evil,” the concluding message in his series “Questions.” The printed message notes referred to… Continue Reading →

Wrath — Questions, Part 4

How can anyone worship a tyrannical, bloodthirsty god like the one depicted in the pages of the Old Testament?  The Bible contains so much of beauty and wonder, but there are troubling passages as well. Some people say they cannot believe a good God would be responsible for such violence. How can believers answer this… Continue Reading →

Faith — Questions, Part 3

diddi4 | Pixabay Why is faith a virtue? Shouldn’t people wait for evidence? If God rewards belief, doesn’t that just make people gullible? What’s wrong with demanding proof? How should followers of Jesus respond to questions like these? Pastor Luke preaches from Luke 15:11–32 NLT in “Faith,” part 3 of his 5-part series “Questions.”

Truth Claims – Questions, Part 2

cocoparisienne | Pixabay Why do Christians think they have a monopoly on truth? If you’re a Christian, that question might make you wonder, but plenty of non-Christians are asking it today. A related question asks, Aren’t all religions basically the same? How are these questions related, and how can followers of Jesus answer them in way that’s… Continue Reading →

The Virtuous Heathen? — Questions, Part 1

Efraimstochter | Pixabay If you have to believe in Jesus to go to heaven, what happens to virtuous people in places and times who never heard about Jesus? We’re in a series looking at how our faith answers hard questions. In our survey, this question received the most requests from people hoping to hear an answer. Pastor… Continue Reading →

Philippi—Greetings from Greece, Part 1

SofiaPapageorge | Pixabay Paul’s second missionary journey is studied by historians because it shows how the Church first came to Europe. But for people of faith, it answers important theological questions. When we study Paul’s visit to a Greek town called Philippi, we learn who the Gospel is for. Pastor Luke teaches from Acts 16:11–40 NLT in “Philippi,” the first message… Continue Reading →

Nick at Night — Come and See, Part 4

Schwoaze | CC-0 via Pixabay John 3:16 has been called the entire Gospel in summary form. It answers any number of theological questions about God and Jesus. But it’s not a bumper sticker. It’s something Jesus said to a man named Nicodemus. Why was this message especially relevant to him? What about Nicodemus makes the message so… Continue Reading →

LOGOS – The Enlightenment, Part 1

Skeeze | Pexels Is there a formula for success? Is there a path to achieve happiness? Questions like these assume that there are rules that govern the universe. Is that true? The bumper sticker says, “Stuff happens, then you die.” Is that what’s right? Is everything just random? Pastor Luke teaches from John 1:1–5 in “LOGOS,” the… Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones

The White HousePexels How should Christians vote in the upcoming election? What should they do after they’ve voted? If their candidate or cause doesn’t win, what should they do next? Pastor Luke teaches from 1 Samuel 8:4–22 in “Game of Thrones.” Study questions are available for download.

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