Until Evening — Iron-Age Wisdom, Part 5

The Old Testament Law included protections for workers and so do the laws of our society today. If you’re already obeying the modern labor laws, you can still learn from the ancient labor laws – in fact, even people who don’t employ anyone else can benefit from those laws. Pastor Luke preaches from Leviticus 19:11–13 in “Until Evening,”… Continue Reading →

Diversity — Iron-Age Wisdom, Part 4

For many Christians, if they know anything from the book of Leviticus, it’s probably the commandment to love one’s neighbor, which Jesus said was just like the commandment to love God. But the following verse in Leviticus is generally ignored, and you might be violating it right now. Should you be? What if it’s the… Continue Reading →

Gleaning — Iron-Age Wisdom, Part 1

We begin our conversation about “Iron Age Wisdom for the 21st Century.” This week, we’re looking at rules in the book of Leviticus to promote the welfare of the most marginalized members of society. Since our society is so different from the world envisioned in Leviticus, is there still anything there for us to use… Continue Reading →

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