Breather — Greetings from Greece, Part 4

neufal54 | Pixabay If you’ve ever felt that you were in the presence of God, you might have wondered why we don’t feel that way all the time. Maybe you’ve even felt God’s absence. What can help us process the sense that God isn’t present? Pastor Luke preaches from Acts 18:1–18 in “Breather,” the concluding message in his series “Greetings… Continue Reading →

Philippi—Greetings from Greece, Part 1

SofiaPapageorge | Pixabay Paul’s second missionary journey is studied by historians because it shows how the Church first came to Europe. But for people of faith, it answers important theological questions. When we study Paul’s visit to a Greek town called Philippi, we learn who the Gospel is for. Pastor Luke teaches from Acts 16:11–40 NLT in “Philippi,” the first message… Continue Reading →

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