In the Storm — Do Not Be Afraid, Part 4

God commands his children to be unafraid of things like Covid-19 and even death. In Christ, we are enabled to live without fear. But our fears keep coming back to torment us. What should we do to live fearlessly? Pastor Luke teaches from John 13:34–34 in “In the Storm,” the conclusion of his 4-part series “Do Not Be… Continue Reading →

Death — Do Not Be Afraid, Part 3

The most common instruction that God gives in the Bible is “Do Not Be Afraid.” That even includes death. Everyone has to face death, but it doesn’t have to frighten us. Pastor Luke looks at 1 Corinthians 15:20–28 in “Death,” part 3 of his 5-part series “Do Not Be Afraid.”

Sickness — Do Not Be Afraid, Part 2

The pandemic has been a source of fear for so many people. Millions of people have gotten sick and hundreds of thousands of people have died with Covid. It’s a serious challenge that needs to be taken serious. But it’s nothing to be afraid of. Pastor Luke looks at Luke 10:29–37 in “Do Not Be Afraid,” part 2… Continue Reading →

Do Not Be Afraid, Part 1

People are afraid of all kinds of things – often with very good reasons! But Jesus taught his followers that they don’t need to be afraid. It was this confidence that allowed the early church to spread across the Roman world. Why? How can we be unafraid like they were? Pastor Luke preaches from Philippians 4:4–9 in “Do… Continue Reading →

Be Not Afraid — Harvesters, Part 3

Jesus commanded his followers to proclaim the availability of God’s Kingdom. This leads to two problems: first, God’s kingdom is hard to see because of all the world’s troubles, and second, the world might not thank us for telling them. Jesus said it probably wouldn’t, but to do it anyway. Pastor Luke teaches from Matthew 10:16–33 in “Be… Continue Reading →

Daring Faith, Part 1

(seriesartwork) God wants us to have big faith so we won’t be afraid, but the arena where faith is tested and develops is risk. Are we risk-takers? Where in our lives do we give God a place to do what only God can do? Pastor Luke teaches from Matthew 8:5–13 in “Daring Faith,” the first… Continue Reading →

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