Arrival — Creed II, Part 6

From ancient times, followers of Jesus have affirmed that Jesus will someday return, and when he does, he will judge “the living and the dead.” But nobody wants to be judged. Is there a better way to understand what that means? Is there some way to look forward to the coming judgment? Pastor Luke preaches… Continue Reading →

Ascended — Creed II, Part 5

The ancient Christian document called the Apostles’ Creed affirms many mysteries, in which the full truth lies beyond human capacity to understand fully. But one of the least mysterious things the Creed states about Jesus may still be the least understood. What is the Ascension, and why is it so misunderstood? Pastor Luke teaches from Acts 1:4–11 in… Continue Reading →

Dead and Buried — Creed II, Part 4

“Why did Jesus have to die?” Jesus’ death is one of the central mysteries of Christianity. We may never fully understand it, but the writers of the New Testament gave us several ways to think about it. Pastor Luke teaches from Luke 23:44–54 in “Dead and Buried,” part 4 of his 6-part series “Creed II.”

Crucified — Creed II, Part 3

Why do Christians make so much about the cross? Jesus might have been executed on a cross, but does that make the cross itself important? Would it have mattered if Jesus was executed some other way? Pastor Luke looks at John 18–19 in “Crucified,” part 3 of his 6-part series “Creed II.”

Starving — Creed II, Part 2

“It’s easy for you to say that.” Isn’t it frustrating when people who don’t know us think they can tell us how to live anyway? But isn’t that what Jesus does? After all, what we learned previously is that Jesus is the Son of God. How can someone like even understand why we do what… Continue Reading →

His Only Son — Creed II, Part One

On Transfiguration Sunday, we remember when God told the disciples to listen to Jesus. Today, Jesus’ followers listen to him through prayer, study of the New Testament and Hebrew Scriptures, and discussions with other Christians. Some Christians also refer to writings like the Apostles’ Creed. Why? Where role do confessional statements have in listening to… Continue Reading →

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