Judging — Being Perfect, Part 5

ssalonsoCC by-nc-sa | Flickr Jesus taught his disciples not to judge, but not many outsiders would describe the church as a judgment-free zone. Shouldn’t the church stand out in this area? Jesus teaches his disciples why judging is a bad idea. Pastor Luke looks at Matthew 7:1–6 in “Judging,” the concluding message in his series… Continue Reading →

Borrowed Trouble — Being Perfect, Part 4

Kenneth Cole SchneiderCC by-nc-sa | Flickr When Jesus taught his disciples about being perfect, he told them not to worry about anything – even basic necessities like food and clothing. But our worries are just getting started there. How can we not worry, when there’s so much to worry about? Pastor Luke looks at Matthew… Continue Reading →

Virtue Signaling — Being Perfect, Part 2

Accretion DiscCC by | Flickr What would your spirituality look like if you were cast away on a desert island? This question helps us access the spirituality that Jesus taught was the most rewarding kind. Pastor Luke preaches from Matthew 6:1–19 in “Virtue Signaling,” part 2 of his 5-part series “Being Perfect.”

Rain or Shine — Being Perfect, Part 1

Thomas HawkCC by-nc | Flickr Jesus says his followers are to be perfect, like their Father in Heaven. That doesn’t sound easy. Jesus teaches us it’s not just hard, it’s almost unimaginable. Why would we do that? Why would we even try to do it? Pastor Luke teaches from Matthew 5:38–48 in “Rain or Shine,”… Continue Reading →

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