Generosity: How to Have a Life That Overflow — A Better Life, Part 6

We’re made so we would want—even need—to be generous. Why did God make us like that? Especially since it doesn’t always possible to be generous. What did Jesus teach about practicing generosity? Pastor Luke preaches from Matthew 20:9–15 in “Generosity—How to Have a Life That Overflows,” the concluding message in his series “A Better Life.” The accompanying message… Continue Reading →

Life After Life After Death – The Big Reveal, Part 7

Aaron Burden | Unsplash What does Christianity offer its followers? Revelation warns its readers of many persecutions and hardships they will face. What do they get when that’s over? John concludes his book with a picture of their destination. It isn’t life after death, but something better: what N.T.Wright calls “life after life after death.” Pastor Luke looks… Continue Reading →

Fitness — Signs of Life, Part 4

Brenderous | Flickr Membership in a church is different from membership in a health club. But they are similar in one way: people go to them because they want to make some changes in their life. Health clubs use treadmills, weights, universal machines, and so forth. What are the tools are available to help people… Continue Reading →

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