Go! — Signs of Life, Part 1


Tudor Barker | Flickr

Since Jesus was all about bringing “release to the captives,” authoritarian regimes have always opposed his Church. Tyrants agree with Jesus about what makes the Church effective, and it isn’t our fancy buildings. So what is it? Pastor Luke looks at Luke 1:1–12 in “Go!,” the first message in a new series “Signs of Life.”

Talk It Over

OPEN. 1. Which job would you prefer: selling something door-to-door, or working in a phone bank cold-calling people at dinnertime? Why? Would the thing you were selling make a difference in your preference?

OBSERVE. Read Luke 10: 1–12.

2. How many towns did Jesus sent his disciples to?

3. Jesus says “the harvest is plentiful.” (v.2) What does he mean by that?

4. Read Luke 9: 51–56. What does it suggest about his disciples being sent out “as lambs in the midst of wolves” (v. 3).

5. Sodom was a city legendary for how poorly it had treated messengers from God (Genesis 19: 1–10). What does Jesus mean (v. 12) when he says it would be “more tolerable for Sodom than for that town?”

6. What does Jesus say about the urgency of the mission of the seventy?

7. What, according to Jesus, would make their mission successful?

APPLY. 8. Why do so many Christians dislike evangelism?

9. What are some reasons non-Christians dislike evangelism?

10. If Christians followed the instructions Jesus gives to his disciples when they did evangelism, would they be viewed more positively, more negatively, or about the same as they are now? Why do you think so?

Who do you know who needs to hear how near God’s Kingdom has come to them? When this week can you tell them? Where will you speak to them?