The Bridge — Ascension Sunday

Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Point
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People wonder, and sometimes debate, what Jesus looked like, but his Ascension reminds us that he still looks that way. He is still human, and will be when he returns someday. So where is Jesus now, and what’s he doing there? Pastor Luke looks at Ephesians 2:1–10 in “The Bridge.”

Talk It Over

WARM-UP. 1. When were you admitted to an event, or received some other favor, because of the person/people you were with at the time?

OBSERVATIONS. Read Ephesians 2: 1-11.

2. What, according to Paul, v. 1, was the previous situation of believers?

3. Paul says people were dead (vv. 1, 5) but also says they lived (“walked,” vv. 2, 3). What does he mean? How can dead people act like living ones?

4. How has the situation changed (5, 6)? Who caused the change (4)? Why?

5. What resources give God the capability to make these changes? (4, 7)? What was God’s motivation here? For example, did God perceive some undiscovered quality or hidden potential in the people he saved? What does Paul say here that supports your answer?

6. In this passage, how many places does Paul talk about “with” or “in” Christ? Describe that connection between Christ and believers.

7. Paul says believers are not just put on a list of people to be saved eventually, but have already been made alive in Christ (v. 5). Why does that matter, in light of their previous status (v. 1, 5)?

8. What else has already been done with people in Christ? (v. 6) How do those things matter for people who are in Christ?

9. If we are “seated with Christ in the heavenly places” (v. 6), how can good works be our way of life (v. 10)? Which is more true of you?

IMPLICATIONS. 10. If you could speak face to face with God, what are some troubles would you ask him to address?