Rethink the Past — Rethink, Part 4

Day 31 - Bricks (One month down!)
Nicholas Wilson
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All of us have questions about how to have a better future. And we may resent God not giving us the guidance we want, or be anxious that God will punish us for making the wrong decisions. If that describes you, maybe you should rethink the future.

Pastor Luke teaches from Numbers 13:25–14:9 in “Rethink the Future,” the concluding message in his series “Rethink.”


OPEN. 1. What is one thing not available today (like flying cars) that you look forward to in the future?

UNPACK. Read Numbers 13: 1–2 and 13: 25–14: 10.

2. If you had good news and bad news, which would you report first? Why? In the reading, how did the explorers present their news?

3. What did all the explorers agree was good about the Promised Land? What was worrisome about the land?

4. What did Caleb say in response to the concerns of the other explorers in ch. 13? What did he and Joshua say in ch. 14?

5. A majority among the exploring party reported how numerous and strong the land’s inhabitants were. How does that square with the summary they give in 13: 32?

6. Is the problem with the land (13: 32) or with its current occupants?

APPLY. 7. The congregation threatened (14: 10) to stone Joshua and Caleb (and possibly Moses and Aaron). What else could they have done to ensure their concerns were addressed?

8. What are some reasons why God might offer blessings in a “package deal” that also contains things that disturb or frighten us?

9. How should you respond to a “minority report” that promises some advantages if the situation seems too risky – in your home or work? In the life of the church?

10. When has God opened up an opportunity before you? Did you seize it? Why or why not? What lesson would you draw from that experience?