The Power of Love — News, Not Advice — Part 2

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Steve Fernie
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The good news about Jesus begins with “Christ,” or King, according to the Apostle Paul’s summary in 1 Corinthians 15. But kings are authorities who tell you what to do. If giving advice is bad, how can an authority be better? Pastor Luke looks at Mark 10:35–45 in “The Power of Love,” part 2 of his 5-part series “News, Not Advice.”

Questions to Consider

OPEN. 1. If you were elected President, what would be the best perquisite or side benefit of the job? (Consider President Obama’s recent trip to Alaska.)

UNPACK. 2. Read Psalm 11: 6 and Psalm 23: 5. What did Jesus mean when he spoke (Mark 10: 38) about “his cup?”

3. According to Mark 10: 40, who prepares the seating arrangements for when Jesus is in his glory? Why does Jesus speak passively?

4. In Mark 10: 41, why were the other 10 disciples angry (literally, they were “indignant”) with James and John?

5. Who did the Gentiles recognize as their rulers (v. 42)? Why does Jesus speak of them that way? Are the Gentiles confused about who is their real leader(s)?

6. Read Mark 10: 45. In the ancient world ransom was the price paid to secure a person’s release from captivity. Who are the “many” that the Son of Man came to ransom?

APPLY. 7. Consider the authorities in your town, your nation, and the world. (a) How many do you think would give their life to ransom the people they “rule?” (b) How many would have taken the job if they thought it was likely?

8. Can Christians be ambitious? Explain your answer.

9. Read Mark 10: 36. How does it compare with your prayer life?

Bonus Question: Read the following incident in Mark 10: 46–52. How is Bartimaeus’ request of Jesus, and Jesus’ response to it, like the one made by James and John? How are they different?