Lost and Found — The Saga of the Lost Ark, Part 7

Lost Luggage
Jordon Cooper “Lost Luggage”
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Israel lost the Ark when they were conquered by Babylon. It has never been recovered, in twenty-six centuries. Why not? If it was so important for Israel to have the Ark in the first place, why has God allowed it to be lost? Why does God sometimes allow us to lose what is dear to us? Pastor Luke preaches from 2 Kings 25:8–17 in “Lost and Found,” the concluding message in his series “The Saga of the Lost Ark.”


OPEN. 1. When have you lost something important? What made it important? Were you able to recover it? If not, how did you deal with the loss?

UNPACK. 2. Read 2 Kings 25: 8–17. What was burned? What was broken? What was taken into exile?

3. Who was left the land? Would they have had land of their own previously? Why might a conqueror redistribute some of the wealth among those who were conquered?

4. How many times are bronze and precious metals mentioned in this passage? Why?

5. Where would the Ark rate in the list of the Temple’s valuables? How would the Babylonian conquerors rate the Ark? If you had to guess, would the Babylonians carry the Ark away with the bronze (v. 13) or burn it with the rest of the Temple (v. 9)?

6. Read Ezra 3: 10–13. When Ezra rebuilt the Temple after the people returned from the Babylonian Exile, how did the second Temple compare with the first one? (Consider Haggai 2: 3.)

APPLY. 7. Why did God permit Babylon to destroy the Temple? Why would God allow things to be destroyed when they point to our relationship with God? Does it mean the relationship is over?

8. How is Jesus like the Temple? How is he different? (Consider John 2:18–19) How are the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s supper like the Ark of the Covenant of God? How are they different? (Can they be lost?)


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