Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders — The Saga of the Lost Ark, Part 1

Self Erasing Steps
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The Old Testament is filled with stories about how God used to do amazing miracles and wonders for the people of Israel. We may wonder why God doesn’t seem to do things like that today. But what if when we’re waiting for God to do wonders, it’s actually God who’s waiting for us? Pastor Luke looks at Joshua 3 in “Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders,” the first message in a new series “The Saga of the Lost Ark.”

Weekend Discussion Questions

OPEN. 1. When have you made a big transition in your life (e.g., moving, a new school, getting married)? What is the last thing you did before making the change? —the first thing you did afterward?

UNPACK. 2. Read Exodus 25: 10–22 and make a rough sketch of the Ark. What goes inside—what does verse 16 mean? (See Exodus 31: 18) What is on the top of the Ark?

3. Which part of the Ark (inside / top) is more important? Why?

4. Read Joshua 3: 1–17. How many different titles are given to the Ark? How are the titles in vv. 13 and 15 different from the others? What title is the most common? What does it mean?

5. The people are to follow the Ark, according to verse 4, at a distance of about half a mile. Why can’t they come any closer?

6. What is significant about the Jordan flooding at harvest time (v. 15)?

7. Compare Joshua 3: 13–17 with Exodus 14: 21–22. How is crossing the Jordan River like crossing the Red Sea? How is it different?

8. Why didn’t God part the Jordan River in advance of the Israelites, like with the Red Sea when the Hebrews fled from Pharaoh’s army?

APPLY. 9. What is a leap of faith? What is a step of faith? Which did the Levites take when they carried the Ark into the river?

10. When has God made it possible for you to “cross a river on dry ground?” What was the river? What made it seem impossible?

11. What is a challenge you or your congregation is facing right now? What is the first step in that direction? How far away are the people?