True North — Planted by Water: the Psalms, Part 2

Chris Metcalf
BY-NC-SA | Flickr

Many of the Psalms call forth praise from God’s people. Why? Does God need our praises? What happens to us if we don’t praise God? What happens if we do? Pastor Luke preaches from Psalm 113 in “True North,” part 2 of his 6-part series “Planted by Water (The Psalms).”

Pastor Luke posted links on his blog to the videos he mentioned in this message: the Hitchens-Hitchens Debate, Nicolae Ceaucesçu’s Speech, La Bamba featuring Los Lobos.

Questions for Consideration

OPEN. 1. What is your favorite movie of all time? How would to you describe it to someone who’d never seen it? —to someone who already liked it?

UNPACK. 2. The psalm begins and ends with “Praise the LORD” (Hallelujah). Who is called to praise the LORD? What reasons are given for doing so?

3. What specific attribute of God is to be praised, according to verses 1–3? Read 1 Kings 8: 27-30. Why would an Israelite want to praise God that way?

4. How is God different from all other gods, according to verses 4–6?

5. The Psalmist says the LORD is “our God” (v. 5). What makes that so?

6. In another translation, verse 6 begins “who stoops down to look….” How is that different from the above translation? Which describes God better?

7. Are verses 7–9 a literal description of God’s actions or is this a figurative way of describing the kind of things God does? Why do you say so?

APPLY. 8. The Psalmist gives one set of reasons to praise God in verse 4–6, and another in 7–9. Which set is more important to you personally? Why?

9. How has God lifted you up and “set you with princes?” What areas of your life are (were) barren? How might (has) God make them fruitful again?