Planted by Water (the Psalms) — Part 1

Oasis near Mides (2)
Richard Mortel
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The Book of Psalms is a collection of songs in the middle of the Bible, and just like a lot of music today, those songs are about the kind of things that matter to people. Is it possible to have a happy life, and if so, how? That’s the subject of the very first Psalm. Pastor Luke looks at Psalm 1 in “Planted by Water,” the first message in a new series on the Psalms.

Questions for Consideration

OPEN. 1. How would you describe the course of your life: rocky? smooth? Straight and narrow? Filled with twists and turns? Give an example or two.

Hebrew poetry rarely uses rhyme or meter. The main tool of a Hebrew poet is repetition. Sometimes the second idea adds nuance or depth to the first. Sometimes it provides a contrast with the first idea.

UNPACK. 2. Read verse 2. How are its first and second lines repetitive? How are the two thoughts slightly different?

3. How does the pair of ideas in verse 2 contrast with the 3 ideas in verse 1?

4. What idea is repeated in verse 3? Who is it talking about? What does it say?

5. In verse 4, what does “are not so” refer to in verse 3? How does the second part of verse 4 repeat and develop this idea?

6. What is the main idea in verse 5? How is it repeated? Who does it concern?

APPLY. 7. Verse 1 of the Psalm talks about “the advice of the wicked.” When have you taken advice that turned out badly? In hindsight, what could you have looked for at the time to help you make a better decision?

8. Pastor Luke said the word “law” in v. 2 is often translated “instruction.” What does it mean to delight in or meditate on God’s “instruction?”

9. What are some ways that psalms are designed to be memorized? Do you know any psalms by memory? Can you memorize one verse this week?