R.S.V.P. — “Discipleship,” Part 3

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One practice can limit our growth as disciples, and also limit our effectiveness in disciple-making: the practice of celebration. Christians sometimes fail to communicate the good news of grace in Jesus Christ because they don’t act like it really is good news. The story of one of Jesus’ disciples illustrates how Jesus wants us to benefit from celebration. Pastor Luke looks at Luke 5:27-38 in “R.S.V.P.,” part 3 of his 6-part series, “Discipleship.”

Questions for Consideration

OPEN. 1. Suppose a celebrity were coming to a party at your house. among your neighbors, associates, friends, and family, who would you invite?

UNPACK. 2. Read Matthew 5: 43–48. What does Jesus say about tax collectors in v. 46? Why? Read Luke 3: 12–13. What is John’s point? From these two examples, what can you guess about tax collectors in that culture?

3. Why did Jesus invite Levi (v. 27) to become a follower? Why did Levi do it? Why do people follow Jesus today? What holds people back from following?

4. Levi leaves everything (v. 28) to follow Jesus. Is that true for everyone, even today? Why or why not? What have you found difficult to leave behind?

5. Why did the Pharisees talk to Jesus’ disciples first? (v. 30) If Jesus hadn’t answered first, what would the disciples have said? What questions make Jesus’ followers uncomfortable today?

APPLY. 6. Suppose a drug dealer became a follower of Jesus today and threw a great banquet in his house to celebrate his conversion. Who would he invite? Where would Jesus’ disciples be? Who would be outside criticizing?

7. Suppose your group of disciples threw a Jesus party every Sunday morning (i.e., your worship gathering). Who would you invite? How? Who would come, and who would decline? Why? What would make them feel welcome?